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For some of our customers growing edibles is a key part of their new garden, from a small single raised herb table, to a new Victorian Greenhouse, or a larger plot of multiple raised beds. We encourage our customers to grow what they love to eat, even if this is simply a couple of herbs for cooking. There is no doubt that a fusion of flowers and vegetables within a vegetable garden leads to success for the harvest, bringing in bees and bugs and creating a fabulous eco-system for feeding everyone!

Vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers are our passion!

Nurturing our Heritage.

At gARTen we have been growing Heritage varieties for many years, from our favourite seed merchant Thamas Etty esq. We grow wonderfully fragrant Sweet Peas to purple podded garden peas, multi-coloured carrots and fabulously tasting tomatoes; harvesting varieties in all shapes and sizes.

Create your own fabulous eco-system for feeding everyone with edibles from gARTen Design.

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For help and advice growing edibles in Cornwall, call Sara at gARTen Design on

01326 340 493

07814 885 141

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